So – about me and my blog…

We don’t get along so well, but since I don’t like being nagged by my conscience… and I do want to give our church some more concise versions of what goes through my head when I’m studying… here I am writing again.

About me?

I love the Lord Jesus Christ and want to spend my life serving him. He’s saved me from my sin, and from myself, and has set me on the path to heaven, all thanks to his sacrifice on the cross. Since the day I understood the good news and believed it, he’s never stopped changing me and amazing me through what I’ve learned about him in the Bible.

I was born and raised in Kent, where I was saved during my teens, about the same time my parents came to faith, and we all joined a little Reformed Baptist church in Folkestone. I was blessed to grow in faith there under the ministry of one of the most humble faithful pastors a Christian could ever want—Peter Howell. 

I stole my sister’s best friend, who became mine, and also my wife, not to mention that she’s the amazing mother of our daughter. Before pursuing a calling into the ministry, I had the privilege of practicing and teaching osteopathy for twelve years, loving every minute.

It was while I was practicing osteopathy that I was repeatedly confronted with the realities of death. I couldn’t get over the fact that everyone has to face judgement, and no matter how well I patched people up, I was only making them more comfortable on their journey through life, rather than altering their destination. I still love osteopathy, and although I no longer practice it, I’m always grateful for what I learned, and the privilege of those years helping people physically. The spiritual reality that this life ends either in heaven or hell, however, is what drove me to want to spend my days helping people come to know the forgiveness and relationship with God that has changed everything for me.

In 2007, after some years preaching regularly as a layman serving in our local church, we packed our bags and went off to California, for me to study for the ministry at the Master’s Seminary. We were so blessed by our time there, and I was privileged to be ordained to the ministry at Grace Community Church where I’d served on staff as an ‘intern’ during my training.

In 2011 we came back to London with another Brit, Ross Orgill and his family, to begin the work of planting GraceLife London. It’s now the biggest privilege to work alongside Ross Orgill and another TMS grad, Adam Waller in this church as we serve the saints and try to reach the lost in London. 

If you had the interest to read this far, please take a moment and pray for us! You can guarantee that we need it! 

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